Buying a Penthouse Carpet means buying a wool carpet of the highest quality

Penthouse Carpets are a leading manufacturer of quality carpets for residential homes. Perfect for any room and with a luxurious range to choose from you are guaranteed to find a floor covering to suit your home. M & S Carpet and Flooring can supply the full Penthouse range for prices which won’t be beaten. Our relationship with the manufacturers at Penthouse enable us to supply our customers with unbeatable, trade prices.

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Aurora Altair

Turn your home into a haven of warmth and comfort. Delight in the softness of your Penthouse Carpets Aurora Altair is one of 18 subtle and gentle tones to complement your home’s decor, this Penthouse carpet compliments a beautiful and hard-working home.

Widths: 4m and 5m

We can supply the full Penthouse Aurora range

Carlton Hopsack

There are some parts of the home where practicality is as important as style. A warm and durable carpet, the gentle texture resulting from the subtle heathering and flecking means this is a carpet which suits busy areas of your home.

Widths: 4m and 5m

We can supply the full Penthouse Carlton range

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Cumbrian Twist Ambleside

Another comfortable and hard-wearing carpet perfect for any room in your house.

Widths: 4m and 5m

We can supply the full Cumbrian Twist range

New Pentwist Ammonite

A practical choice for busy homes that don’t want to compromise on quality. Penthouse Carpets New Pentwist Ammonite is a durable but stunning carpet which will transform your house into a warm and cosy home.

Widths: 4m and 5m

We can supply the full Penthouse New Pentwist range

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